Welcome to the motherhood. Whether you’re new here or not – it can be fun, challenging, unpredictable, and difficult to navigate. We all get lost sometimes. This is where we talk about all of the mom things.

Naan Margherita Flatbread Pizza

Long time, no posts! Life has been busy and a little chaotic lately, but I had to make time to share this easy dinner idea. In my house Fridays are usually for pizza. Sometimes we order out and other times we do frozen pizza (kind of yuck, I know.) Occasionally we will make it ourselves. […]

Crispy Baked Chicken Wings

The Sunday of the Super Bowl is almost here! Honestly, I hope the chiefs win. Don’t get me wrong, Tampa Bay is an awesome place. My husband and I stayed there the first night and last night of our honeymoon. We had a waterside view from our hotel and got to watch a dolphin splash […]

Three Things I’ve Learned in Three Decades

One minute I was in my 20’s dancing on the bar with friends and little responsibility. Then I blinked. Now I’m 30 married with two kids and a dog sitting at home working on my mom blog! I truly didn’t imagine having all of this going on by 30 but here I am. Things can […]

Pregnant Exercise

What I did differently this time around & My favorite FREE Prenatal Exercise Routines My first pregnancy and second pregnancy have been different in terms of my physical activity levels. In the first pregnancy I became more nervous to do anything as I got to be farther along. I was more cautious. It was just […]

The BEST Cold Brew

The BEST Cold Brew On September 8th, 2020, we welcomed our baby boy. We have had him for almost 2 weeks now and there have been some long nights. Lack of sleep is part of the territory with having a newborn and I depend on a little caffeine fix daily! Not only is coffee an […]

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