How to Give Back on Memorial Day

Social media has left a sour taste in my mouth lately. What was intended to be used to share fun updates with family and friends has now turned into a hot mess dumpster fire. Sure, I expected some friction and rage after the election but some of you really need to get some rest! Social media has the potential to be used for good things. It seems that more often, instead of using it to do anything good or useful, people tend to use it as a method to spread misinformation like wildfire, rant about things they don’t even properly understand, or get three to five “likes” for posting a meme or short common sense (or lack thereof) thought.

It’s all boring me to be honest. Just when I think I have unfollowed all of the conspiracy theorist complaining “Karens”, another fly zips around for me to swat. It’s weird that I have unfollowed so many people including some friends and family. But I am no longer going to pretend I am interested in their content when I’m not. Social media is something extra, not an obligation of any kind. It is possible to care about someone and unfollow their content on social media platforms. Not only is it possible, but sometimes it’s a mentally healthier choice. Although this ties into my train of thought for the day, I can save more detail on that topic for another day.

As far as Memorial Day goes I have seen dozens of American flag memes, short veteran appreciation posts, and posts expressing disappointment in what others have or haven’t posted about Memorial Day. I too am guilty of sharing stale meaningless posts in the past on specific days that deserved something more productive. But I am trying to be better and leave those types of posts in the past. What I have not seen today, are any links to some of the amazing organizations out there. I have literally not seen even one pop up on my feed today.

Memorial Day is a day to honor those who have lost their lives serving our country and think about their families. So please, instead of seeking clout from a stale social media post or complaining about gas prices, consider quietly donating to one of these organizations if you are financially able – or at the very least read about them so that you know they are out there:

These are just a couple suggestions. I know there are plenty of other amazing organizations out there. Please share more in the comments!

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