Woodland Nursery Makeover

Converting any space into a nursery can become quite a project. A fun project but nonetheless still a project. For my daughter, we went with an elephant theme. We were in an apartment at the time, so we had less freedom to customize the room how we wanted to. Even though it was a guestroom/nursery and we were unable to paint the walls – we were still able to add some unique touches with wall art. This time around, we went with a woodland theme for our little boy who will be joining us in this crazy world next week!

The room we made over started as a purple striped playroom disaster. If I had to give one tip for kid’s rooms, I would say STORAGE. Storing certain things can make life SO much easier. Anything with a lot of pieces like puzzles, games flashcards, art stuff, book collections etc. I would recommend storing most of those things out of reach in a closet or with floating shelves. Kids will learn to ask for something when they want to use it.

Also, don’t feel like you need to keep every little thing that people give to your kids. The surplus of toys that American kids have is CRAZY compared to the rest of the world. Chances are your child doesn’t need 200+ matching games or sets of flash cards. Donate or sell the things your child doesn’t show much interest in or has duplicates of to save some space and ultimately your energy since you’re the one who is bending over to pick everything up most of the time. These are mistakes that could have been avoided for our hoarders-looking playroom disaster that we had to clean out before we got started on making it into a peaceful woodland nursery.

To get started with the nursery we had to paint over the purple. We went with a light pale green and used a two-in-one primer and paint. The brand and color we used was Valspar in Green Savvy. We only needed to use 2 coats to cover the purple striped pattern. Before you start painting make sure you take your time with painters tape and a drop cloth to cover trim and carpet! The previous owners of our house obviously didn’t bother and I am wondering if they had a bit too much to drink before getting started. Below is our before and after video. You can be the judge:

            We furnished the nursey with a minimalist-style crib, a comfy recliner, and a small dresser. For wall décor, we found a moose and bear matching art set from Ikea. My sister also gifted us a cute framed hedgehog print and a custom painted “P” that she did herself. My favorite parts of my kid’s rooms are definitely the homemade pieces from my mom and sister. I’m lucky that they are so artistic and talented! I also put together a quick name sign for the nursery with help from Pinot & Pallets (Columbus, Ohio). Click here for a quick how-to! To fit the crib in with the woodland theme, we bought some plaid sheets, a plaid blanket, and a raccoon blanket. Ikea also had a lot of stuffed animals to choose from. They also had the hanging basket plant that we put in the nursery. English ivy is a good choice if you are looking for a plant that is easy to maintain.

No matter what your theme is, have fun with it! Be creative. You can think outside of the “pink or blue” box. Share your favorite nursery themes in the comments.

Here are a few of the items we used in our nursey:

From Our Woodland Nursery:

Tree & Bird Curtains

Birds Bookends

Wooden Wall Shelves

Cozy Raccoon Blanket

Closet Organizer

Plaid Sheets

Quick and Easy Name Sign

Click Here for the instructions!

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