Quick & Easy Name Sign for Nursery

Adding in a name sign is a nice touch to any nursery. Whether you are wanting one for a child of your own or giving one as a gift, they are great décor pieces! You can customize them to fit in with any theme. I loved the idea of making one myself to give my son’s nursery a personal touch. My daughter’s room has custom artwork that her aunt and grandma made and gifted at the baby shower for my first pregnancy, so I wanted to put something homemade in my son’s room too.

If you are not the crafty type, you can shop on Etsy, amazon, or a local pallet sign business and you can just order one custom-made! Pinot & Pallets in Columbus, Ohio supplied me with my wooden pallet base that I used for my sign. Aside from selling beautiful signs, they also host parties and the designs they have are amazing! The nice thing is that if you attend one of their parties, they walk you through the whole process and the finished product is always flawless no matter how much pinot you get into! Pinot and Pallets also sells finished signs through their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/sweetavacrafts.  I have several of their signs throughout my home.

To put together a quick & easy, simple name sign, you only need a few things and an hour tops to do it all:

Step 1: Paint Your Letters – you can also leave them natural if you like the wooden look. For mine I left the big letters natural and painted the smaller letters for the middle name.

Step 2: Measure the sign and width of the letters so that you can center and space them out in a way that fits. I messed this up in my first attempt!

Step 3: From left to right, and top to bottom, carefully glue your letters down.

Step 4: Using carbon paper – trace or freehand any design you are wanting – lay the carbon paper over the wood and use a pencil to transfer the design. Carefully fill your design using paint and a small paint brush.

Step 5: Let dry & Hang it up! Done!

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