Fall Decor Treasures

Pumpkin spice has already snuck up on us and I could not be more thrilled. I am already frequenting Starbucks way too often for pumpkin cold brews and I have no plans to stop the madness. Before we know it, the miserable heat will be done with and we can start freezing our butts off and raking up wet leaves. Don’t forget about the election fun coming up this year either! This is an exciting time.

For real though, I do love the fall. It might be my favorite season.  Aside from chunky sweaters, trashy costumes, apple cider, pumpkin coffee and pumpkin beer – fall décor is fun and you can go so many directions with it. You can focus on spooky Halloween, Thanksgiving themed, or just general autumn decorations. With having a newborn any day now, I probably won’t be too involved with decorating this fall, but I might have to order some of these gems:

Throw Pillow Covers

So Cute! And Such a Steal!

More Modern Looking – I Like It.

So Many Options!

Please keep in mind, those are just the covers. You will need throw pillows if you don’t already have some!

Table Pieces

These would look great on corners of an entertainment stand, wall shelves or on a mantle

It doesn’t get much more festive than plaid pumpkins.


Oooh. This one lights up. So fancy.

For Outside

Sure, you could go with a Trump or Biden sign to piss off your neighbors, friends and family who don’t share your same political preferences -or- you could chill TF out and just put up something fun, neutral and carefree that actually looks nice like this instead:

Owls work for any time of year and my husband really has a thing for lawn ornaments lately.

Let’s be real. Not all of us have the time or patience to make our own fall wreath.

Besides Amazon finds, you can look to local and small businesses for cute décor too! Check out this sign from https://pinotandpallets.com/

If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area – I recommend hosting or attending one of their parties for a fun time! Happy Fall & Happy Decorating!

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