Instacart Express Vs. Amazon

The Battle of Grocery Delivery Services

As we still find ourselves in this time of uncertainty – you may prefer to have groceries delivered instead of shopping for them. Even without the pandemic I will likely still opt for a grocery delivery service in the future. People that walk slow through the middle of aisles really irk me. Besides that, with my husband and I working full-time plus having our kiddo, a baby on the way, AND a puppy to care for, it saves us time and is well worth it.

• Instacart
A little over a year ago, I tried out Instacart. With the express free trial, the delivery fee was waived. Naturally, I forgot to cancel before the end of the free trial and then POOF – I was locked in for a year. Beware – It’s a trap! They also have it set to auto-renew at the end of one year. Make sure you change it or cancel in time!

It was $99 for the first year of the express option with waived delivery fees. You are expected to still tip – and you ABSOLUTLEY should. Upon further research, I found that with the drive time, shopping time, delivery time and gasoline usage, they really do not make a fair wage most of the time.

My first few deliveries from Instacart were rough. If you forget to opt out of letting the shopper replace certain items, you really could be getting anything! One shopper I had tried to replace spinach tortellini with edamame… which is totally absurd because they are nothing alike at all. I had another shopper literally just throw a dozen eggs on the porch like it were a sack of potatoes. You can guess what happened there. I have also had expired Canadian bacon and the wrong sized frozen lasagna delivered when we were hosting my in-laws. It was a single serving instead of family size like I had requested and paid for through the app. They had also STILL charged me for the family-size so if I hadn’t caught the error myself, I would have overpaid. And yes, I said frozen lasagna. Don’t judge me. I thoroughly enjoy making breakfast for company. I love breakfast. Dinners not so much. Sorry, not sorry. I like to put a healthy lighter spin on homemade dinners which is usually not what other people are into. Plus, on weekends I usually take a break from cooking dinners anyway. For dinner at the Vandermeedens during your weekend stay, the options are usually among local restaurants, DiGiorno or some other frozen entree. Like it or lump it.

Mistakes were common with my Instacart orders. They were at least resolved within a day or two in the form of credit to use towards the next order which worked out fine. They REALLY fell apart during the quarantine which was somewhat expected. The time frames they gave for a grocery delivery after ordering were literally DAYS long (lol), never within any one hour or two-hour time windows. It’s good I was working from home at the time, otherwise the service would have been useless! Demand for grocery delivery was high and seeing that the Instacart delivery workers do not make a very fair wage, I am sure many were less inclined to shop. The one other thing I really did not like about Instacart is even when I ordered from Kroger, there was no way to use coupons or get Kroger points. You just buy everything at the prices that show up on the app – which they claim is a “discount”, but I’ll let you be the judge.

• Amazon Fresh/Whole Foods Delivery
For those who have amazon prime and don’t live in the boonies, you likely have the option to have amazon fresh and/or whole foods delivered for free with a $35 minimum. Other than items being out of stock here and there, I really have no complaints. Delivery has always been on time. Cost of groceries seemed cheaper than Instacart at times and was comparable to doing grocery pick up straight from Kroger or Giant Eagle. Tipping is still expected with Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods Delivery – and you should do it!

If you are trying to choose between signing up with Instacart or using grocery delivery options offered by Amazon – I would hands down recommend Amazon. If you are not wanting to pay extra for tipping or you live out in the sticks, I would suggest Kroger pick up. They have always done a great job for me.

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