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Messy Isn’t Always a Bad Thing.

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I were outside. She had her crayons and coloring book and was coloring away. It’s been a hot-as-balls summer and I’ve been very pregnant lately (#2 due in September!). Even taking a dip in our lopsided two-foot pool isn’t very refreshing sometimes. Lately we have been trying to get outside before the hottest most miserable part of the day (usually between 3 pm and 5 pm).

After about an hour as it started heating up outside, she told me she was “done with her work”. Ever since I had been working from home during the lock-down, anything she does to keep busy whether it be coloring, painting, or using her kindle is “her work” now. We went inside. Hours later I went outside to relax by myself for a few minutes when I noticed the melted crayon mess on the patio chair and cushion. At first, I was mad at myself because naturally it’s so easy to get upset about the little things. Like a cheap patio chair bought from amazon years ago finally meeting its match against liquid hot Crayola magma. I should have just remembered to grab those f*cking crayons! But it’s not worth letting it ruin my sacred alone time to relax. Let’s look at the bright side:  I took my kid outside and away from the T.V. for a bit. Art is great for kids minds and motor skills. I still have other chairs I can sit in. I also now have a valid excuse to upgrade the patio.

Parenting and even just life in general is kind of like a melted crayon mess. Beautiful but messy and sometimes it’s not the easiest to clean up!

I am an expert on nothing. I am not a life coach. I am an introverted sarcastic millennial mom with a bachelor’s degree who enjoys coffee, wine, trashy reality T.V., easy recipes, arts & crafts. I make mistakes regularly and learn things as I go. Blogging is something I already do in my marketing career and now, I am going to blog for fun too. In this space, I will share reviews, thoughts, experiences, and inspiration on subjects like home projects, crafting, amateur cooking, parenting and whatever else I choose to write about through my melted crayon mess of a lifestyle.

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